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What is this Wiki?

This Wiki contains information on 4plebs.Tech projects and other related information. Only 4plebs.Tech members can edit this Wiki.


Resources for software developers

Documentations of Application Programming Interfaces (API) in FoolFuuka. Accurate/4plebs specific documentation. Original from FoolCode.

Basic FoolFuuka APIs

4plebs specific APIs

Resources for archive administrators

Mainline FoolFuuka

Development stopped, but it works really well. Considered stable. Get it on Github. Developed by FoolCode/Foolz.

Modified FoolFuuka

Slightly modified from original. Get it on Github.

Notable features: Mobile theme (WIP), additional moderator options, reCaptcha 2 supports, and other fixes.

Should be considered not stable since it's still in active development.


These plugins extend FoolFuuka functionality. Provided as is. No warranty implied nor provided. If you have any questions you can email them to 4plebs administrator.

Original Plugins
Forked Plugins

There plugins were originally developed by FoolCode and have merely been extended slightly.

How to guides

Technical resources

Future considerations


Efficient Asagi front-end & drop-in replacement for FoolFuuka. Release to be announced.

Features: lightweight, efficient, responsive and very powerful.

Mostly completed. Needs some refactoring and a working plugin system.

Abondoned projects


Mobile application for browsing FoolFuuka powered boards & archives.

No time for this now. Should rather fork existing 4chan android software and extend that to support FoolFuuka.